Welcome brave/stupid/crazy adventurer/mercenary/nutjob!

You have entered the free city of Marienburg! Situated just west of the Empire, where the river Reik flows into the Sea of Chaos, Marienburg combines luxury that rivals even that of the great empire capital, Altdorf, with an adventurous and free spirit open to those of all walks of life (even the seedier ones).

If you are seeking coin or fame, this is the city for you! Just be mindful of the pickpockets and leave the merchants alone and you will do fine!

This campaign will take place, for the most part, in the city of Marienburg, as noted above. Two of you have already made characters, and we are waiting on a third. Session recaps and NPC information will be provided here as needed, as well as any house rules that are chosen to be implemented. As one would expect, you are requested to make use of this site and contribute your thoughts and ideas as well. Good luck adventuring!

WFRP 3E - Dirty Waters